For a rainy day…

Side A:

  1. r- right as rain - adele
  2. o- off to the races - lana del rey 
  3. s- save rock and roll - fall out boy
  4. e- everybody knows - mcfly
  5. r- right by you - justin nozuka
  6. e- end of all days - thirty seconds to mars 
  7. d- december - sara bareilles 
  8. r- rock you - jesse mccartney 
  9. p- popular - the veronicas 
  10. s- somewhere over the rainbow (cover) - michael henry &justin robinett

Side B:

  1. a- allie - patrick stump
  2. s- still into you - paramore 
  3. t- take it all away - owl city 
  4. o- oblivion - bastille 
  5. r- ruin your day - passion pit 
  6. i- i know - save ferris 
  7. a- after all - michael buble

James Lafferty was beautiful in Oculus! On another note…gonna knock out the last bit of personal playlists asked for. 

I kind of want to have two characters loosely inspired by Cersei and Jaime in JLAP…mmm I just might do it. 


Sing your heart out // random well known songs.

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