Name: Amrita Acharia

Known fromThe Devil’s Double, Game of Thrones, Lapland, and In Company of Wolves. 

Age range: (real age unknown) 20-27

I believe she is: underused

Reasons why she is on my list: I have only seen Amrita in the role of Irri in Game of Thrones, which I believe she did an amazing job with. Her time on the show would also be a great gif source for anyone needing to make gifs of her lovely face. I am not shocked that I do not see her in many roleplays, since she hasn’t been in much as an actress, not very known, and has a small collection of gifs - but I do believe she should be used more. She is a Norwegian actress, so if used in any roleplay she would bring diversity to the faceclaims. Her bold features would help her easily fit into most mature plot themes, while her role of game of thrones would help her fit into other world themed plots. She would be a lovely role with supernatural abilities or roles that have strong personality types. But at the end of the day, I could see her fitting into many roles.  

Personality/role types: Werewolf, Daughter of a Murderer, Ruthless, Someone with Mind-Controlling/Reading Abilities, An Adventurous Girl Trying to Make it In the World, Someone Obsessed with Death, Smart and Sly, Powerful Lesbian, a Woman That Tricks Men to Get What She Wants, and many more!

Tags to find gifs: [x] [x

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